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Aquameds is a mid size provider of fish medications to the koi and goldfish resources you often turn to. They support their retailers as well as the hobbyist. They have a consultation form of great utility. Retailers can also contact them through their site,

Koi & Pond Fish Articles

I am breaking the articles into categories and will include links here that lead you to the category that best suits what you are looking for. At first, the number of articles will seem limited as it takes time to load up a web site. I apologize in advance for that.

You can search for the information you need:

I have too many domains. Wanna have one? Quite a few looking for new owners.

KoiVet Forum starts after you read these few words about how to use the forum.

Information about the book I wrote. (Actually there are several) but the one I sell on this web site.....

Algae Control
What's an algae bloom? Is it bad for fish? What controls String Algae better than anything for five bucks? how do you control Greenwater? What else do I need to know?

Bacterial Infections
First, bacteria don't CAUSE bacterial infections. The causes and what to do about the result, are here.

Conditions - Physical
Certain conditions just happen, for example, color changes, turning black, losing red, swollen eyes, swollen bellies, etc.

This section describes some of the methods by which YOU might pursue a diagnosis in your sick fish cases. Using test kits, which ones to use, how to use a microscope, and then a resource for more advanced diagnostics like necropsies and blood draws.

All kinds. Fact is, most kinds work just fine. For example, gravel bottom ponds are about maintenence free year round, until that one day a year when you have to tear it down and clean it. Then, bead filters don't have that big day....But you have to adjust and observe daily and have a manual to leave with the kid watching the pond while you're away.

Fungal Infections
Fungal infections are fairly common. In good water, they are often self-limiting and people grossly overtreat. In cold water or where fish are beat up, treatment is life-saving. There are several fungi that affect vulnerable fish.

General Illness
Illnesses that don't fit one category or which lead to other articles will be here. If you don't see what you want, search for it.

How To
I'm going to put the "how to" articles here. Like, how to build this or that, how to take blood, how to do this, or do that. Now, the same articles might ALSO appear under other, proper areas. And of course you can search for what you want, too.

At first this section will not have much form, just some link "types" then the links that fit there. I'd love to exchange links with you. There's a place in the site to do that. It will be in the left page menu.

What medications are commonly used for Koi diseases? How do you use them? Are there medications "not worth using"?

I've uploaded movies. It's a first for this site, and they are damn good. You can go see pretty much all the common parasites as they appear under the microscope, download the movies for later, and there's even one on all the necropsy procedures.

Koi and pond fish nutrition is a very important area. Is Corn that bad for Koi? What's their all time favorite flavor? What kind of protein is best? Learn all this and more.

Beginner's Overview
So, what's all the hubbub? If I thought I was gonna get "into" these fish, what should I know? How do I learn things so as not to seem like a total noob?

All the "bugs" that feast on Koi and pond fish. how do you recognize them? How do you kill them? What do they do to the fish? how do they differe from one another?

Links and lists of various resources like, vets who treat fish, adding a name to the list of vets who treat fish, where to find some of the best "stuff" around, what's new and where to read about it, magazines to subscribe to, and some not to...

In the medications area you can read about Formalin, but what if you need more on the actual TREATMENT with formalin? What about Oil Of Cloves, do you know how to use it? How about the treatment for Lymphocystis....And so on.

There's some pretty nasty viruses out there. Did you know KHV is reportable? Do you even know what KHV is? What's SVC and what is being done about THAT? Is Carp Pox a virus? 

Water Quality
Without a doubt the most important area of this site because SEVENTY PERCENT OF FISH HEALTH PROBLEMS COME FROM THE WATER!!!! Learning to test water quality and know what to test, and how the results are supposed to be handled....

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Koi Beginner
Once you've leapfrogged through this tutorial you will have a solid, working concept of the Koi hobby and what it's all about. This is done just about exclusively with video and very little written material.
More than koi health, this site spans all things animal, by a real veterinarian who shoots you straight.

By Frank Prince-Iles. A UK authority who put this site together some time ago and which is still relied upon as a major source of good Koi and pond fish information

If you have a koi, pond or fish problem, this site takes you through twenty easy questions and at the end you know what you need to fix in your pond to create restored Koi health.
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If you need pet information AND Koi pondfish and pond information you might like DrJohnson.com which has everything from pet info, to vet info, to koi and pond fish. It has it ALL! Pet Information.

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