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Aquameds is a mid size provider of fish medications to the koi and goldfish resources you often turn to. They support their retailers as well as the hobbyist. They have a consultation form of great utility. Retailers can also contact them through their site,

General Koi Conditions of Concern

Or "broken back syndrom" usually caused by fish being roughly handled or especially carried in a net. But there are other causes including air travel and idiopathic swiim bladder hyperinflation...

Changes in Stool Quality in Koi and Goldfish
Stools can change and often, it means nothing. Casts, or "skins" from stools can be caused by common things. Careful with overmedication. Especially if the fish are healthy looking.

Skin Cancer in a Koi?
This koi might have skin cancer. Illustrated with what appears to be a possible skin cancer. The entire consultation is documented here.

Popeye in Koi
Often related to tuberculosis, water retention from bacterial infections or even trauma. Most of the common causes are found here. Illustrated.

Koi Cannot Close It's Mouth Or Eat
Koi that cannot close their mouths or eat food should IMMEDIATELY have an oral exam to see if there is something in the mouth. Look closely because often the problem (acorn) is in the BACK of the gullet.

Koi Bleeding From Gills After Handling
Not uncommon in Springtime especially after a decent chase for capture. Illustrated.

Dropsey / Dropsy or Bloat in Koi & Goldfish
True Dropsy is generalized, symmetrical swelling with 100% of body scales standing out from the body and is caused by kidney failure due to several bacterial and mycobacterial causes. Illustrated.

Blackening, Turning Black Koi or Goldfish
Koi and goldfish will sometimes blacken if their surfaces are exposed to something harsh like high ammonia, Formalin overdose, or an intense infection in the skin. Illustrated.

Flipover Surgery & Surgery For It
Goldfish of the deeper bodied varieties like Ryukins and such may flip over and quite often it's permanent. There's a way to "weight" them into an upright position.

Reddening, After Injection of Nuflor
Every once in a while, among certain color varieties of Koi you may see a Koi turn red (not the pretty kind - after an injection of NuFlor.

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Koi Beginner
Once you've leapfrogged through this tutorial you will have a solid, working concept of the Koi hobby and what it's all about. This is done just about exclusively with video and very little written material.
More than koi health, this site spans all things animal, by a real veterinarian who shoots you straight.

By Frank Prince-Iles. A UK authority who put this site together some time ago and which is still relied upon as a major source of good Koi and pond fish information

If you have a koi, pond or fish problem, this site takes you through twenty easy questions and at the end you know what you need to fix in your pond to create restored Koi health.
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If you need pet information AND Koi pondfish and pond information you might like DrJohnson.com which has everything from pet info, to vet info, to koi and pond fish. It has it ALL! Pet Information.

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