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Brief Glossary

"Chances of Success" Score = A hypothetical estimation of your odds of succeeding with, or saving a group of sick fish from a disease. Certain factors increase (or reduce) your "C.O.S.S."

Beneficial Nitrogen Reducing Bacteria = Helpful bacteria like Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacteria that break down Ammonia into Nitrite, and Nitrite into Nitrate in the natural "cycle" of all ecosystems.

Buffers = Compounds like Baking Soda, or calcium carbonate, that stabilize the pH at or above neutral.

Bug = Pathogen, such as a parasite, bacteria, fungus or virus.

Fish = The Host, could be goldfish, Koi, whatever.

Pond = Environment, such as a pond, vat or tank.

PPM = Parts Per Million = Milligrams Per Liter = a concentration of something dissolved in the water.

Quarantine = Holding new fish out of the main collection for a short period of time, to prevent the introduction of [or preventatively treat] any sickness they may carry.

Sickness = Fish Diseases

Winterstress = Wintertime is a period of 'hibernation' for fish. The cold depresses their immune system and starves them of nutrients. It's common in Springtime to see sickness in Winterstressed fish.

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