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"The Twenty Steps" To Koi Health

Do NOT attempt to Assess, Assure, or Attack a disease condition without reading and understanding everything in this document. NOTE: If you're new, you might preview the glossary at end of the document, first.

If Koi Disease *never* occurred, Dr. Erik Johnson would STILL have more consultation work than he could ever attend to, educating hobbyists on the fishes' proper care to actually PREVENT disease. The fact is that proper care, plus good quarantine practices, STOP fish diseases cold.

When fish get sick, there should be a series of SIMPLE measures to restore health that anyone can "get a handle" on. In the inimitable Aquascape Style, I am attempting to distill fish health restoration [and preservation] down into Twenty Steps.

'Got healthy fish at home? Keep reading!

This treatise should be of great value to the hobbyist with all-healthy fish as well. The reason is that within the confines of twenty easy parameters, I will attempt to treat the most important elements of fish health. Think of them as small lessons or tidbits that you can take home and deploy to PRESERVE the good fish health you enjoy today.


Assess, Assure, then Attack. All fish sickness is a complex relationship of Pond Condition, Fish Condition, and the Bug (Pathogen)

"AAA" stands for the simple steps of "Assess, Assure and Attack". You will use this over and over so please understand it. A-A-A is a simple acronym that urges all parties facing a disease outbreak to "Assess" the fish and pond, then "Assure" a healthy pond for the sick fish, then "Attack" the Bug.

If you skimmed that, please don't. You should re-read it, and understand that a failure to understand and deploy all three components of disease control will inevitably lead to failure, because all the medicine in the land will NOT heal a fish that continues to live in an unclean pond. Conversely, a perfectly managed pond will not prevent a fish from being vulnerable to a serious Bug, and so on.

"AAA" can be digested into Twenty "Action" Items, executed or considered in this *exact* order, EVERY single time.

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