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Koi Herpes Virus - What To Do After Infection - This article describes KHV and then tells you about some folks who are adopting Koi who survive KHV instead of leaving you to kill these amazing but probably infectious fish.

Koi Herpes Virus - KHV - More advanced information including more on control of this virus and limiting infection - Article by Dr Erik Johnson

Shotgun or Broad Spectrum Strategies For Koi & Goldfish Disease Outbreaks - This article describes several regimens which are comprehensive to several different pond scenarios.

Heating Koi or Goldfish Up Gently - One Degree Per Hour. Article to help combat Koi Herpes Virus or heat fish for quarantine or hospitalization. By Dr Erik Johnson

Ammonia & Koi Health - Ammonia or Ammonium - Measuring This Silent Killer - Article by Frank Prince Iles on Ammonia and continued on Fishdoc.

Nitrates - Final by product of the Cycle in Koi ponds and water gardens and major contributor to green water or Algae blooms. - Article by Dr Erik Johnson

pH Levels - Koi Ponds and Water Gardens Need pH of Seven or Higher - Sustained by Carbonates - Article by Dr Erik Johnson

Oxygen Levels in Koi Ponds and Water Gardens - Assessing and measuring O2 Levels For Koi Health - Article by Frank Prince-Iles

Rocks in the Pond: Gravel Bottom Ponds - Noxious Gases or Infallible Low Maintenence Koi Pond and Water Garden Filtration? - Article by Dr Erik Johnson

Quarantine - Recommendations on Size and Treatments for Limiting or preventing koi and goldfish diseases in ponds or watergardens. Article by Dr. Erik Johnson

Prazi - Praziquantel - Fluke treatment and control for Koi ponds and water gardens, without plant or filter effects. Article by Dr Johnson

Potassium Permanganate - KMnO4 - PP Treatment of bacterial ulcers, flukes, parasites, and fungus including saprolegnia in Koi and Goldfish ponds and water gardens reverse with peroxide or dechlorinator - Article by Dr Johnson

SupaVerm - SuperVerm - Closantel & Mebendazole mixture sheep dewormer from Europe used for flukes in koi and goldfish ponds and water gardens. Article by Dr. Johnson

Proper use of Formalin 37% (+/- Malachite Green) - Treating Koi & Goldfish parasites like Ich, Chilodonella and Trichodina, Costia (aka Ichthyobodo) and flukes with formaldehyde at 25ppm and 50ppm - Article by Dr. Erik Johnson

Dimilin, diflubenzuron, lufenuron, chitin synthesis inhibitors for control of Anchor Worm (lernea) and Fish Lice (argulus) - Article by Dr Erik Johnson

Hydrogen Peroxide - Use of hydrogen peroxide for oxygenation or reversal of potassium permanganate in koi and goldfish ponds and water gardens. Article by Dr Erik Johnson.

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KoiFoods.com - The What To Feed and How To Feed of the Feeding and Nutrition of Koi and Goldfish - - Articles by Dr. Johnson and more.

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