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Step Seven

Assess pH

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pH is nothing but a simple test. Examples of "PH" would include 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0. A pH of 6.0 is termed acidic, a pH of 7.0 is termed Neutral and a pH of 8.0 is called alkaline. Fish require a pH that's at or above seven, ir higher. For Koi and Goldfish, a pH HIGHER than 7.0 is fine. Ammonia becomes more toxic at higher pH so this should be kept in mind when interpreting pH. The pond's pH should be assessed with a common test kit for PH, or have the testing done for you at a local garden or pet shop. If the pH is low, you can add a variety of "buffers" to bring it up. Retest the water in one hour to make sure the effect of a higher pH has been achieved.

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