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Step Seventeen

Assess Viral Pathogens

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For the purposes of this article, I would only address Koi Herpes Virus. No other virus is going to kill any appreciable amount of fish. Even with viruses like Spring Viremia of Carp, we won’t see losses higher than ten percent. But with KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) we will see monstrous losses. Here’s the breakdown that should make you suspicious:

1. Water quality checks out well (use your tests) but the fish skin is peeling.

2. Gills are breaking down with rotten looking patches.

3. Fish develop black rings on their skins

4. The disease started when the water hit 67o Fahrenheit

5. The deaths really got rolling at 74o Fahrenheit.

6. New fish without quarantine are in the history, almost always from Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Thailand.

If you suspect Koi Herpes Virus, fire off a fish to University of Georgia.

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