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Step Twelve

Assess Pond Obstacles

This is a pond I built early on.
Rocks to cut the Koi's faces, see?
But that's not an indictment of all rocks.

Not ALL rocks are sharp!

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Don't forget this step, because MANY ponds contain engineered obstacles, whether intentional or not. Rocks (particularly sharp slate) perched on the ponds' edge can cut the faces of Koi which surface to eat near the pond's side. Some ponds are engineered to have rocks on their ledges, and when the Koi access these ledges for foodstuffs or simply by way of exploration, damage can be done to their bellies or other exposed skin of the face or gill-cover (Again, sharp slate). Substantial sharp-edged boulders in the pond can also lacerate a koi that swims into the rock when dashing from a fright, or at night while sleeping. Certain skimmer parts and filtration accoutrements in the pond bottom also cut any fish which swims into them. If fish are sick or showing up with sores or wounds, assess the pond for injurious obstacles into which they may be swimming. A skilled pond installer can install rocks, boulders, and other decorative and natural looking objects into a pond design with sensitivity to where the fish will be fed, and how they will safely move about these objects. Some sharp, already-deployed obstacles can be wrapped in liner underwater to make them harmless to the fish.

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