Peroxide 3% and dissolved oxygen

Hydrogen Peroxide in Tanks and Koi Ponds

Hydrogen Peroxide For Oxygenation

Hydrogen Peroxide For Dissolved Oxygen – by Dr. Erik Johnson

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to increase the dissolved oxygen in the system.

H202 + H20 ———-> H20 + 02

hydrogen peroxide for fish oxygen levels
Hydrogen peroxide is a breath in a bottle for Koi and other fish with low DO. Power failure? This peroxide.

Simply use 1/2 cup per hundred gallons. I prefer, however, to apply peroxide in a typical spray bottle, squirting it forcefully under the surface of the water into tanks and vats in trouble, I use 60 squirts per 100 gallons.

What you will see is the fish will leave the surface, and swim about as if there was no dissolved oxygen deficit. The time for this to occur is approximately one hour. The benefits are seen for a full 4 hours.
The hydrogen peroxide to use is drugstore 3% peroxide.
It’s great in emergencies.
If applied directly to the fish, or applied directly to their water in an undiluted form, gill damage could result, so apply it away from the fish.