Microbiome May Contain Replacements for Lost Mitochondrial Helper Cultures and Mediate Immune and Endocrine Functions including MS, IBD, CDI, and MD

There is a convergence of several disciplines that may matter to you.
Antioxidant therapies based on “terpenoids” (And that would include clove oil but also “geraniol” to replenish the malevonate pathway for ATP production in the mitochondria) may help you.
Secondly, microbiology has determined that there are millions of bacteria in the gut that we cannot even grow. We find their DNA particles and can “see” that there are many previously unidentified species which Mitochondrial Disease sufferers lack. (Or have too many of.)
The third scientific branch closing in on your situation is Immunology. The discovery that inflammation and immune-mediated functions, including auto-immune functions, can be mediated by gut bacteria.
Did you know that Mitochondria *are* essentially bacteria which have moved into our cells symbiotically?
What if science is about to discover that by providing healthy colonies of heretofore unidentified beneficial bacteria [f.m.t.], and soothing angry mitochondria with antioxidant therapy, and mitigating aberrant immune responses in other systems (even endocrine ones) – they may realize that: Having come from primordial bacterial stew, we basically ARE bacterial primordial stew and with our current lifestyles we’re not ‘nice’ to our endogenous bacterial stew at ALL. Except people who exercise aerobically, drink lots of water, eat organically, avoid antibiotics and preservatives, and ingest healthy fruits and vegetables which grow beneficial bacteria in the gut, and provide antioxidants in large amounts. (Carotenoids)
Be nice to your germs and they will be nice to you. And if you don’t have all the germs you’re supposed to, you can get them now. Google “mayo clinic microbiome fmt openbiome”