Parasites of Koi, Goldfish, Fish

Parasites: My Fish Has Parasites? What Should I Do?

For a lot of parasites: A triple shot of Mardel Clout is often helpful

Video About Mardel Clout

If parasites are suspected, a skin and gill scrape are essential. This will show for certain if parasites are present; what species they are and how many.  In turn these findings will influence the best treatment plan. Certain treatments seem to work better than others against certain parasites  – so knowing what you are dealing with gives you a better chance of success.  A follow up examination at the completion of the treatment course is important to ensure that it has been effective. It should be remembered that fish will react to poor water quality in the same way, so all water parameters should be checked before any treatments are used.

Youtube Video on Parasites and Their Control