KEY WORDS: Branchiomyces · Gills

Branchiomyces: What Kind of Fungus Attacks Fish in Warm Water?

Branchiomyces in Koi Written by Dr Erik Johnson Thursday, 03 April 2008 18:41 ABSTRACT: BRANCHIOMYCES Branchiomyces is an aggressive gill fungus. It will kill fish by adulterating their gill tissue. The fungus compromises vascular supply to ....

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Saprolegnia in wound ojn Koi

Saprolegnia Fungus in Fish and Koi: R.E.Carlson “White Fluffy Stuff on my Fish!”

Saprolegnia – Water Fungus - by R.E. Carlson Like all fresh water environments, koi and goldfish ponds are living ecosystems. They contain plants, algae, invertebrates, protozoa, bacteria and molds or fungi. Many of the life ....

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